1992-1998 Secretary, Department of Management Services, State of Florida

Served as the first agency head of the Department of Management Services (DMS), which was formed through the merger of two agencies, the Department of General Services and the Department of Administration. Managed the merger and over the first two years cut the overall operating budget by 10%. Also did not request any new dollars over the 6 years as Secretary while increasing service transactions and quality. DMS provides all of the internal service operations for state government, including the development and operations of state facilities, telecommunications, state purchasing, information technologies, motor and air pools, personnel, training, retirement, and insurance systems.

• Used the principals outlined in the book “Reinventing Government” and TQM methods to move DMS from “Regulator to Resource”.

• Managed an annual operating budget in excess of $300 million and a construction budget of $600 million employing 2,000 people organized into 10 divisions.

• Restructured the agency by applying “CPR” (Cross-functional, Project driven, Results Oriented) to DMS. By leveraging the agencies diverse talents, CPR teams produced measurable results.

• Developed a new satellite office complex in Tallahassee and in 1995 became one of the first agency tenants, occupying 225,000 square feet. These “high performance buildings” raised the standard for office space in Florida and have been recognized nationally as a premier office development project. Energy costs were cut almost in half, usable space increased dramatically from 78% to 88%, the cost to construct and time to completion was reduced to beat private sector performance. DMS continued to construct these new “prototype” office buildings in Tallahassee from 1995 to 1997, increasing the state office park to 750,000 square feet (planned for two million). This consolidation of a large part of the state workforce led to many operational and space utilization efficiencies to create the “High Performance Workplace”. Using the high performance prototypes, DMS also established a new 250,000 square foot regional service center in Jacksonville.

• Led the Career Service Reform effort for state government. Implemented a new streamlined HR structure including Broad Banding for the classification system.

• Worked to put the state insurance open enrollment process on-line giving employees easier access while reducing costs.

• As agency head, was responsible for the development of “Florida Communities Network,” which was recognized as the best state government web site in the nation for two consecutive years. The web site, renamed “Government Services Direct”,  received 200 million hits annually in the second year delivering government services directly to citizens, including job search with “Jobs Direct” and training offerings with the online catalog – “Training Direct”.

• Created an on-line presence for personnel rules with “HR Direct”. Developed a productivity incentive program built around recognition and financial reward called “Incentives for Success”.

• Streamlined state Purchasing by launching “Purchasing Direct”, helping to match agency needs with providers as efficiently and as cost effectively as possible. Also developed the Multiple Award IT Services contract to provide agencies a streamlined method of contracting prequalified vendors of IT consulting services without a long and cumbersome bidding process. Implemented a “fee for use” on newly negotiated contracts where the new price would be equal or lower than the current price. This allowed Purchasing to become 50% self funding over 4 years.

• Implemented “Leasing Direct” allowing agencies to review best value lease space and vendors to see the demand and their competitions price and contract details. This system made a major contribution in reducing leasing expenses for the state. The first year savings was a little over $12,000,000.

• Developed a robust intranet solution for the Agency – DMSnet.

• Deployed an on-line Time Accountability system designed to be utilized by all State agencies.

• Planned the next generation of on-line government with “one stop government”.

• Contributor to Bill Gates’ book Business @ The Speed of Thought that focused on how technology is reinventing the public and private sectors (lead quote and major case study for Chapter 20, “Take Government To The People”).

1992 Deputy Chief of Staff, Office of the Governor, State of Florida

Managed day-to-day internal office operations and budget. Simultaneously, worked to streamline processes to improve efficiency in the Governor’s office by reducing staff and merging responsibilities where possible.

• Was responsible for managing the relief fund during hurricane Andrew.

• Led the team that developed the U.S. Senate presentation for the Governor to secure the hurricane relief funds for Andrew.

1991 Director of Information Technology, Office of the Governor, State of Florida

Managed the internal technology infrastructure for the Governor’s office.

• Moved the Governor’s office from an IBM mainframe to a LAN.

• Designed, developed and implemented the Governor’s scheduling and correspondence systems